Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Airborne Toxic Event October 11, 2014 - Amazing Show at the Danforth!

I saw ATE last night at the Danforth Theatre in Toronto.  It was an amazing show!  One highlight was before the band even began their set.  Queen music was playing on a stereo, and what seemed like the entire audience joined in together to sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.  Someone even waved his lighter.  Great moment. But of course, ATE was even better. I love this band, and I was so excited to see them.  They exceeded my expectations.  Mikel had tons of energy and enthusiasm.  His voice is unbelievably good - really nice tone, and he has a very good range.  The light show and the presence of all the band members was excellent.  Mikel and the band were obviously happy to be there, and it showed.  At one point, three of them were playing the drumset simultaneously.  Mikel was playing several different guitars as well as the keyboard and the drums.  I love the sound of the violin as well.  They have so many great hits, like: 'Sometime Around Midnight', 'Changing', 'Numb', 'Wishing Well', 'Innocence', 'It Was All for a Woman' - I could go on and on.  The Danforth was a great place to see them.  If you have a chance to see them and you're a fan: go.

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Husband is a Good Sleeper....Too Good, Really

The other morning I had just gotten up - let me rephrase that - I had dragged myself out of bed against the better judgement of every fibre of my being, because it was almost school time, and I knew I had at least one child to prepare for going to school.  My husband wandered downstairs looking disgustingly refreshed.  He saw my son sitting there, and remarked, "Why isn't he at school already?"

I looked at him closely to see if he was joking.

"Do you honestly mean to tell me," I asked slowly, gritting my teeth, "that you have no knowledge of the fact that he is sick?  That he was up at least three times in the night crying?  That not only did I give him medicine but I also gave our other child medicine as well?  That I also cleaned up vomit from the floor?!"

My husband backed away, shaking his head slowly, as if that would soothe me.

I continued, trying not to yell.  "I was up AT LEAST six times in the night, and I am now completely exhausted and hanging by an extremely thin thread.  And you are telling me that you didn't wake up ONCE?"

My husband regretted asking, I can tell.  I regret marrying such a sound sleeper.  It's downright annoying.  Yawn.

Monday, September 29, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

My daughter is sick today - coughing and feverish - so I'm keeping her home.  I usually work every day, so I thought, 'Great.  While she's lying on the couch and recuperating, I can get lots done in the house!'

I've been trying to clean my shower curtain by spraying cleaner on it and then scrubbing it while it's still hanging.  This has not worked well.  This was finally my chance to take the whole thing down and put it in the washing machine and hope for the best.  So I did.

A while later, I walked into the bathroom, and stopped short.  It was a disaster.  There was water everywhere.  Pools of dirty water across the entire floor.  Sopping wet towels were lying in the mess.  Even the cupboards were wet.  What on earth happened?

My son - and I am still in shock about this - had taken a shower voluntarily.  I don't know if he noticed that there wasn't a shower curtain up.  Does he even know the purpose of one?  Apparently not.  He could have gone to the other shower, but I guess that didn't occur to him.  So he just took a shower anyway.  And then left all the mess.

It seems so hard to get ahead, sometimes.

At least I got the rosebushes trimmed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mini-Golf Mayhem

I have a list in my head of summer things to do with the kids, and mini-golf is one of them.  So I was excited about our outing the other day.  We hadn't yet made it to a course, and I was anticipating lots of fun.  That was my first mistake.  I even had a pre-game talk with the kids about good sportsmanship, positive that would prevent any issues.  That was my second mistake.

It was a pretty typical outing in that it all went wrong.

No, no, I'm exaggerating, of course.  We all had fun.  Just...not quite in the way I expected.

First of all, Colin lost his ball.  And I mean lost.  There was no getting it back.  It fell down between a crack in the rocks in a waterfall.  Gone.  So I gave him my ball.  He lost that one too.  Luckily I was able to retrieve that one, after long moments of fruitless searching, and then shoving my head into a very scratchy bush when I finally found it in order to grab it.  .

And Ryan got a hole in one!  Unfortunately it was on a hole we weren't playing, so I don't think that counts...

Then one of them started crying because he kept missing the hole and got frustrated.  Again, it wasn't me crying, so I suppose that was okay.

And although I kept informing Ryan that we were NOT playing baseball, he eventually wound up and hit his ball so hard that it flew at least 100 feet and actually hit a teenager in the chest.  It bounced right in the middle of his chest and then hit his golf bag.  The poor guy wasn't even ON the course.  He was lounging against the clubhouse.  (Once again, I am so sorry.)  

Oh well.  I think Ella had fun.  Next up - laser tag.  I'll try to be optimistic.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chicago! It's Definitely My Kind of Town

We had a great family vacation in Chicago.  We stayed at the Palmer House Hotel, with the famous Empire Room - a place where people such as Frank Sinatra and Sonny and Cher performed, among multiple others. We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, The Chicago Institute of Art, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and we saw the Blue Man Group show.  We also, of course, went out for deep-dish pizza at Giordano's and Molinari's.  Chicago is a beautiful city, especially (surprisingly) downtown.  Even the skyscrapers are beautiful, and I don't think that is something I have ever said before.  There are amazing and well-maintained green spaces everywhere.  The architecture is gorgeous.  There is tons of culture.  It's a healthy city, too, which I love.  There are runners everywhere and great places to run (waterfront trails and so on).  There is delicious healthy food easily available.  Sign me up!

Art Institute: (Monet, Rodin, Picasso among tons of others)

Lincoln Park Zoo:  (totally free and very amazing)

Shedd Aquarium: great place, kids loved it

City Scenes:

Field Museum: fascinating

The Bean: okay, I didn't get it.  People are just looking at their reflections.  It's a big silver bean.  Sorry, but ?

American Girl Store:  tons of girly fun!

Blue Man Group Show:  we all loved it!  Highly recommended.

If you have a chance to go to Chicago, go. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coolest Fungus Ever?

I found this fungus while running on Lookout Trail in Dundas Conservation Area/Sulphur Springs.  It looks like a huge orange flower.  Apparently some people eat the margins (whatever that means) and it tastes like chicken.  But be warned - some people are allergic to it, and get very sick.  I just think it's look at!