Monday, September 29, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

My daughter is sick today - coughing and feverish - so I'm keeping her home.  I usually work every day, so I thought, 'Great.  While she's lying on the couch and recuperating, I can get lots done in the house!'

I've been trying to clean my shower curtain by spraying cleaner on it and then scrubbing it while it's still hanging.  This has not worked well.  This was finally my chance to take the whole thing down and put it in the washing machine and hope for the best.  So I did.

A while later, I walked into the bathroom, and stopped short.  It was a disaster.  There was water everywhere.  Pools of dirty water across the entire floor.  Sopping wet towels were lying in the mess.  Even the cupboards were wet.  What on earth happened?

My son - and I am still in shock about this - had taken a shower voluntarily.  I don't know if he noticed that there wasn't a shower curtain up.  Does he even know the purpose of one?  Apparently not.  He could have gone to the other shower, but I guess that didn't occur to him.  So he just took a shower anyway.  And then left all the mess.

It seems so hard to get ahead, sometimes.

At least I got the rosebushes trimmed.