Monday, January 20, 2014

Running, Wonderful Running!

This is why I love running.  Against all expectations, I just had a great run.  It is -11 degrees but it feels like -17 degrees.  Still, I am training for a 30K race in March, and time is ticking.  (And by 'training', I mean hoping to run enough so I can finish the race without injuring myself and taking twenty-four hours to do it.  I work full-time and I have three kids, and my kids each have lots of activities.  Lots.) 

Anyway, every time I start training for a race, I download a training schedule and insist that THIS time, I am going to follow it to the letter.  Except that I don't.  Something always gets in the way.  I have been diligently cross-training, but it has been hard to get outside to run with all the ice.  And the cold temperatures. 

But tonight, I decided that nothing was going to stop me.  I decided to bundle up and hope for the best.  I wore two layers on my legs, four layers on my top, two pairs of gloves, an ear band, a hat, and a face cover.  And I felt warm (once I started running).  Even though I prefer trail running, I ran on the road tonight.  For some reason, it felt great and I even felt what to me is the 'runner's high'.  I am running along, and it just feels easy and good, and suddenly I can see a long way in front of me and I just want to sprint it.  I focus on a point way ahead, and run steadily and quickly toward it.  It's a great feeling.  I've heard a 'rule of thumb' is not to run if it's colder than -10 degrees.  I am Canadian though, and it was all good!

Bring on the race.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is This The Stupidest Video Game that Ever Lived?

My sons love this game.  It's very complex.  You just click on the cookie.  That's it.  You get points for how many times you click it!  There is nothing else to it.  They say it's addictive.  I have obviously done something very, very wrong.  This is a completely mindless game.  Could it be the stupidest video game that ever lived?  Unless you look at it as an extremely challenging thumb exercise...  I'm going to go download Scrabble or Boggle. Right now.

Those Pesky New Year Resolutions!

I hate to admit it, but I felt a bit smug.  Only for a second or so.  I'm not proud of it.  I kept reading about people making resolutions for the new year regarding health and exercise, and I was thinking, "FINALLY I am on the ball!"  It has been a long journey, but I am now dedicated to working out regularly, because I love it and it makes me feel saner.  (Notice I didn't say 'sane'; it's not a miracle drug!)  Also I feel that overall I eat a very healthy diet, and I like eating that way; it tastes better to me and I feel better when I eat 'clean' food.  So, yes.  I was kindof mentally dismissing the need to make any new year's resolutions at all.  It was a wonderful few seconds of my life.  Then I looked around me.  At my house.  At the closets that desperately need to be de-cluttered and organized.  At the junk drawers that keep accumulating.  At the toys that my children have out-grown but are still, inexplicably, there.  And I sighed.  I have a long way to go.  I need to resolve to organize, de-clutter, and clean.  Darn.  There's always something!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Great Read: The Rosie Project

I just finished reading this book.  It's a fabulous read.  It's a story in which the main character has Asperger's, but he doesn't know it.  His approach to relationships is fascinating, funny, and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  It's great on many levels.  What I also love is it's the author's first book at fifty years of age.  You go, Graeme!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Need Instant Peace and Serenity? Press Play!

Do YOU need some instant peace and serenity?  Who doesn't?  I am happy to report that today was the first (and will be the only day) that I finally achieved what I have been waiting for all Christmas holiday - the day I got to stay in my pyjamas ALL day.  It is a fabulous thing.  Highly underrated.  If you can't do that, however, here is another very good way to achieve a state of zen.  Watch a stream flowing in a winter scene.  I took a video of a stream in 'my' forest, but, because I am not yet competent, I have not been able to upload it.  However, here is a public one for your viewing pleasure until I gain some semblance of competency.  (Don't wait up.)