Friday, August 17, 2012

Awenda Provincial Park - Camping!

Awenda, Site: 22, Image:2

We just returned from camping at Awenda in Penetanguishene.  It's a beautiful park.  Our campsite was surrounded by forest and was very private.  There is 30K of trails in the park.  There is a very long beach, sandy and with rocks.  It is a very interesting land formation.  There is also a lake that would be great to canoe or kayak around.  It's a beautiful, peaceful lake. 

The kids especially loved the camping.  The boys had their bikes so they could be very independent.  They made friends with other kids there and then spent most of their time together, biking around and going to the park.  It was great!  I mean, I'm not trying to say that it was great that they were hardly ever at the campsite!  That would be ridiculous.  Of course not.  It's just that they were occupied, and busy playing outdoors, so when we were busy making meals and so on, it all worked out.  (You know what I mean.)

Honestly, though, it was really good family bonding time.  We taught the kids some card games and had fun hiking and biking together.

There was one problem though: our air mattress.  The only way you can possibly be comfortable on this mattress is if all the people sleeping on it are the exact same weight.  And how often does that happen?  The heaviest person would sink the lowest and then the others would roll toward them.  Trust me, this is not good for a sound sleep.  Also, my head was heavier than my feet, so my head would sink lower than my legs, even with my pillow.  I don't know about anyone else, but I did not find this comfortable at all.  On one night when two of our children snuck onto the mattress in the middle of the night, I ended up sleeping with two kids right on top of me.  I kept trying to heave them off, but they would just roll right back on. 

I wasn't being melodramatic at all when I informed my husband that I would never, ever sleep on that air mattress again.  Give me a nice foam mat anytime.  Preferably alone.  In a separate tent.  Far, far away.  Excuse me while I go burn the air mattress.

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