Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hey Rosetta! 'Welcome'

I love this song!  It's got such a catchy melody, and the lyrics are amazing.  They're about welcoming a new baby to the world.  I love these lines: "I'm sorry this is it/it's cold and hard/and badly lit/and there's no backing out of it."

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Those Pesky Apologies!

My son is having a very tough time grasping the concept of an appropriate, sincere apology.  The other day I told him he had to apologize to his sister for throwing his ball and hitting her in the head.  

Ryan:  "Sorry....SUCKER!"

Me:  "Try again!"

Ryan:  "You shouldn't have put your head in the way of my ball!"

Me:  "And...again!"

Yesterday my son Colin was practicing his trumpet, a brand-new instrument for him.  Very new.  Still very much a work-in-progress, shall we say.  Only a parent can appreciate the sounds of a child practicing something like a trumpet or a violin.  (You know who you are.  Thank you.)

Anyway, Ryan did NOT appreciate it, and he wasn't exactly shy about showing it.


"Ryan,"  I sighed, "Can you please ask nicely?"


That went well, I thought.

Ella ran up to me crying today because Ryan said her face was 'fat'.

"I meant fat and CUTE."


It reminded me of the time Colin accused Ryan of calling him an idiot.

Ryan protested, "I never called you an idiot...you IDIOT."

Sigh.  Back to the drawing board.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vance Joy at the Phoenix, November 1, 2014

Vance Joy makes me feel so old, but how I love him.  I love his music.  Every single song. I admire his songwriting.  His lyrics are old like me.  Listen to some of these:

"I know, I know that I can do no wrong in my father's eyes/And I swear I swear that I will test this out/before the day  I die." - Play with Fire

"And I will read in to everything you don't say/All of your silent ways" - Red Eye

"Think that it's worth it?  Well I hope that you're right/You're falling asleep/on the Red Eye tonight." - Red Eye

"Do you like walking in the rain? When you think of love/do you think of pain?" - Mess is Mine

"[You] Say I don't look much like a lover/Doesn't mean that I won't try/to set your world on fire/every once in awhile." - Best that I Can

"Don't walk too proud/don't talk too loud/And make it up as you go/And take whatever you are given/And leave what you think you know/at the door." - My Kind of Man

The concert was amazing.  He switched between two guitars and his ukulele.  He told us anecdotes; he was warm and funny.

Amazing music and a great rapport with the audience.  I bet the next time I see him, it won't be in a small place like the Phoenix.