Monday, July 1, 2013

Scenes from Bruce Trail Burnt Point Loop - I Am Completely In Love With This Trail!

I was just up at the family cottage in Tobermory.  One of my favourite things to do there now is to run to a side trail of the Bruce, the Burnt Point Loop Trail.  It's so technical that running it feels like you're flying.  Those pictures you see of the rocks and roots - those aren't beside the trail, they ARE the trail.  It's amazing!  You have to leap and jump to do this trail.  It starts all foresty, with mossy logs and beautiful pine trails.  You get boardwalks and rocks, and then you get to the water.  You have beautiful views of the lake and the shoreline, and then you have to run over rocks to continue on.  Running in the forest along the water is wonderful, because you get the cool lake breezes through the trees.  The whole time I run this trail, I'm grinning.

I have run on many beautiful trails.  In fact, I think almost every trail I've run on has been beautiful.  (I'm easy that way.)  But this has to be one of the best I've seen so far!


Fahad Shafique said...

I did the run this past Sunday. I was expecting a gravel-paved trail for the entire run, but was surprised and somewhat enthused after getting to the technical part of the Burnt Point Loop. Unfortunately, I only made it half way to one end, before twisting my ankle. Didn't want to risk further injury or pain, with very little chance of anyone finding me.

Jennifer Dunlop Jormakka said...

I just ran it on Saturday again! I still love it, but there is a huge risk of twisted ankles, that is for sure. It's always good to bring your phone. Still, it is SO fun. :)