Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coolest Fungus Ever?

I found this fungus while running on Lookout Trail in Dundas Conservation Area/Sulphur Springs.  It looks like a huge orange flower.  Apparently some people eat the margins (whatever that means) and it tastes like chicken.  But be warned - some people are allergic to it, and get very sick.  I just think it's fascinating...to look at!

Tobermory Views

Tobermory is so beautiful.  The views are spectacular.  We were just there, and there were lady slippers everywhere, growing wild by the side of the road.  The water was as calm as glass.  The temperature was 48 degrees in Big Tub Harbour, so it would have been much cooler in front of our cottage, where it is 100 ft plus deep.  But my boys jumped in there anyway (for about a second or two).  Hey, they are Canadian, after all.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Camping at Valens Conservation Area!

We camped at Valens Conservation Area near Hamilton Ontario on the weekend.  It was so great to see the kids 'off-screen'.  Our friends had power at their trailer, so the kids could have used their iPods, but instead they were happy to run and bike through the trails and on the boardwalks, build castles in the sand, swim in the lake, and kayak.  We had campfires and played card games.  We saw birds, caterpillars, and other wildlife.  We brought them home dirty, sticky, covered in bug bites and happy from tons of outdoor play.  What Minecraft?