Monday, August 26, 2013

Scenes from Valens Conservation Area - Day at the Beach!

This summer I've found it especially important to get the kids out of the house and get some active play, even if it's just to the nearby park.  I find that my boys have so much energy they need to let off steam.

We did a family hike the other night, and the boys were picking up sticks and pretending they were swords.  They would go up to bushes and flowers and say menacingly, "Hey, you want to go?"  WHACK!  Those poor plants didn't have a chance.

They didn't get this from home.  It's just an innate thing - boys like to swing and throw, hit and parry.  My daughter picked up sticks and cradled them and blew kisses to them.

It's great to take the kids to the beach too.  It's fascinating to see how at home they'll be lying around, moaning about how bored they are and how they just can't stand it any longer.  Get them near sand, and their boredom is over.  It's amazing how long kids can play in the sand, isn't it?  It's like a huge play yard.

We had a great time at Valens Conservation Area.  It's a beautiful site.  No trip is ever perfect, though.  We were about to go for a nice long walk on the boardwalk.  I swear we had just stepped onto the first board when two of the kids started screaming instantaneously.  One had fallen and the other had been stung twice by a wasp.  So that went well.

There's always someone crying or whining when you get lots of kids together, I find.  As long as it's not the parents you're generally okay.

The beach part and the bridge part, though?  All good.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Darien Lake!



We just spent the long weekend at Darien Lake.  It was the first time we had ever been.  We camped with a bunch of other families.  It was great.  All the kids played together.  We had a nice site among trees.  And you could just walk to the theme park and get right in. 

The park included something for everyone: roller coasters, children's rides, games, food, and a water park.  We didn't have to worry about long lines, either.  There was a firework and laser/music show at night.  We did it all: campfire, s'mores, rides, swimming.  My kids are 10, 8, and 5, and they all raved about it.  They want to go every year! 

Although I used to love roller coasters, I worried I was too old for them.  However, my boys wanted me to go on The Viper roller coaster, and I did, and it was lots of fun.  So I guess I'm not so old!  And now I've got cred with the kids.  (You've got to take it wherever you can get it.)