Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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It's all about the hashtag now, it seems.

My children even talk in hashtags.  My son will say to his brother snarkily, "Why are you doing that? Hashtag 'smart one'!"

He will then ask me, "Can I play my PS3? Hashtag 'immediately'?"

I respond: "After homework is done, of course - hashtag 'you know the drill'!"

My daughter will get up to leave the room, yelling at me as she goes, "BRB, Mom!"

The evolution of language is a fascinating thing.

Apparently texting has become the new communication system, even when we are interacting verbally!

For those of you who #don't understand, interacting verbally is an outdated mode of communication in which people use oral language.  And not short forms, but actual sentences.  And they are generally spoken at least in the general direction of someone's face and preferably using eye contact.

I wonder how things will be several years down the road.  Will people still use any long forms at all?  Or will it all be 'c u l8r'?

Wow, I sound old. OMG!

Why does that keep happening?

#that's life