Sunday, October 16, 2011

Princess Doll Cake and Sponge Bob Cake

These are the cakes I just made for my daughter and son.  I was happy with how the Princess Doll Cake turned out.  I was scared of using fondant, because I'd never used it before.  Luckily it was easy to work with and very forgiving (sign me up!) and that made it fun.  I was going to decorate the skirt more, but my daughter wanted me to keep it the way it was.

When I showed my son the Sponge Bob one, I said, "I know it isn't perfect, honey, but here it is."

My son looked at it and said, "It's perfect to me, Mom."

That's when I said, "I will make you any cake you want, every single year, forever and ever!"

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