Sunday, October 13, 2013

You've Just Got To Laugh! (Or: Having Fun Embarassing Your Kids)

My eight year old son has started walking to school on his own.  He enjoys the independence.  We live pretty close to the school, and he doesn't have to go on any back roads.  The other day I was dropping off his brother when I saw him just ahead, walking toward the school.  I saw him glance back at the car, and then he quickly looked away and began hurrying ahead.  He had seen me, and - shockingly - had pretended he hadn't!  I couldn't believe it, really seemed like...he was ignoring his mother.  Of course that couldn't be right....could it?  Immediately I rolled down the van window and called him, using his favourite nickname, of course.  "Hey!  RY BREAD!  It's your MOTHER!"  He began running away from me.  I leaned out the window farther, yelling, "Come give your mom a BIG KISS!"  It's funny - I've never seen a kid run so fast in my life.  Good times.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Forest Scenes

The forest is fabulous in the fall.  There were so many beautiful leaves, and also tons of fascinating fungus!  It was amazing how many different kinds I saw.  Who knew fungus could be so interesting?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"They Grow Up So Fast!" (says the 6 year old)

My daughter was in a school assembly with her friend.  This friend's younger sister had just started JK in September, and was receiving an award.  As the little girl walked up on my stage, my daughter said to her friend nostalgically, "They grow up so fast!"  And she got a little teary just thinking about it, as did her friend.  These girls - wise beyond their years - at the age of six!

A Manly Scream

My eight year old son walked out the front door, directly into a spider web.  He yelled loudly.

His older brother teased, "You just shrieked like a school girl!"

My son wiped the web off his face and attempted to regain his composure.  "That,"  he replied nonchalantly, "was a MANLY scream!"