Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family was eating dinner together tonight and I asked everybody what they are thankful for this year.  We haven't had our big family Thanksgiving yet, but I thought we'd start early.  It started out pretty well.  My three year old daughter Ella said she was thankful for Strawberry Shortcake.  And I mean, really, who isn't?  She's just so cute!  So resourceful! 

Then my five year old son said he was grateful for our Wii game system.  That hurt a little, but I recovered quickly and we moved on.  My seven year old son said he was thankful for all the animals and all the trees, which I thought was nice.  Now we were getting to the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  I asked my husband, thinking he would back me up and help our children understand how lucky we all are.

My husband said he is thankful for hockey.  No surprise there.  All three of my boys play hockey.  That's two sons and a husband!  You know you're a hockey family when your oven is named Ovechkin.  Get it?  Oven, Ovechkin?  Anyway, fine, he's thankful for hockey.  Great.  Anything else?  No, only hockey.  So far, so okay.

Then things deteriorated.  My five year old son said he was grateful for his head.  That struck him as pretty funny.  Then he started saying he was thankful for his underwear.  My seven year old thought that was completely hilarious and said he was thankful he could burp.  My boys were falling out of their chairs laughing.

Well, things hadn't exactly gone as expected - I find that happens quite often as a parent - but now it was my turn, it was my big moment, and I could rescue the whole operation.  "I am so thankful...just extremely grateful...that my children have good table manners!  Let's eat!"

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