Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mini-Golf Mayhem

I have a list in my head of summer things to do with the kids, and mini-golf is one of them.  So I was excited about our outing the other day.  We hadn't yet made it to a course, and I was anticipating lots of fun.  That was my first mistake.  I even had a pre-game talk with the kids about good sportsmanship, positive that would prevent any issues.  That was my second mistake.

It was a pretty typical outing in that it all went wrong.

No, no, I'm exaggerating, of course.  We all had fun.  Just...not quite in the way I expected.

First of all, Colin lost his ball.  And I mean lost.  There was no getting it back.  It fell down between a crack in the rocks in a waterfall.  Gone.  So I gave him my ball.  He lost that one too.  Luckily I was able to retrieve that one, after long moments of fruitless searching, and then shoving my head into a very scratchy bush when I finally found it in order to grab it.  .

And Ryan got a hole in one!  Unfortunately it was on a hole we weren't playing, so I don't think that counts...

Then one of them started crying because he kept missing the hole and got frustrated.  Again, it wasn't me crying, so I suppose that was okay.

And although I kept informing Ryan that we were NOT playing baseball, he eventually wound up and hit his ball so hard that it flew at least 100 feet and actually hit a teenager in the chest.  It bounced right in the middle of his chest and then hit his golf bag.  The poor guy wasn't even ON the course.  He was lounging against the clubhouse.  (Once again, I am so sorry.)  

Oh well.  I think Ella had fun.  Next up - laser tag.  I'll try to be optimistic.

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