Monday, September 19, 2011

My Youngest is in Kindergarten - How Did THAT Happen?

My youngest child, my daughter, had her first day of JK.  There were nervous tummies and tears.  Okay, that was just me.  My daughter was fine.  I was worried about how she would separate from me because she has been really clingy lately (see recent post on Separation Anxiety).  However, that has been getting better.  And I took her to the school and we practiced her walking away smiling.  It also helps, of course, that her two older brothers go to the school and she knows it very well by now.  My two sons even had the exact same kindergarten teacher that my daughter now has.  And Ella wanted to go to JK when she was two, because she loved the classroom when we visited it with her brother!  So I guess I shouldn't have worried so much about it.  Did I mention she's my youngest?  When I tell people that now all of my three children are in school, they say, "Weren't you just off on maternity leave with her?"  Yes.  Exactly.  Anyway, she had tons of fun and can't wait to go back.  Whew.  And....sigh!

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Gillian said...

so glad the first day went's always the hardest (on them, not us).