Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parenting Perks

Tonight my son read to me.  And not only did he read to me, he chose the book.  And not only did he choose the book, but he chose Robert Munsch's 'Love You Forever'.  I know some people think this book is a little strange, with the mom driving to her son's house to rock him.  But I think the author took creative license to show the love of the parent, no matter what and no matter where the child is.  And it shows how love comes around, when he begins the 'cuddling song' with his baby daughter.  I always get a little teary at the end.  Anyway, having my son read this book to me, a book I have read so many times to each of them, was amazing.  He even made up a melody to go with the song when he sang it.  It was a great moment; a 'full-circle' moment.  It should keep me going for another several years, at least.  Maybe more.

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