Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The No-Added Sugar Challenge - Another Epic Fail

In my newspaper, The Hamilton Spectator, there has been a series of articles about healthy eating.  The most recent one I read asked us to try to go without any added sugar for seven days.  This includes every possible kind of sugar and other things such as honey and maple syrup.

I thought I would see how I would do.  I was feeling pretty smug about it, to be honest with you.  I've been trying to eat very healthy foods lately.  I eat salads or vegetable soup pretty much daily.  I drink my coffee and tea black.

I still have treats, but I try to make sure they're not too bad.  I'll have maple syrup over fibre 1 cereal, or dark chocolate.  But I felt like I could try to avoid these things for at least a few days.  I've been really enjoying a snack of frozen fruit with walnut pieces on it, so I thought I could substitute that.  'No problem!'  I thought nonchalantly.

Anyway, I went to work feeling virtuous.  I sailed by the candy Easter eggs in the staff room and easily ignored the chocolates in the board room.  ('Pure sugar!' I thought to myself with disdain.)

I had an apple for my snack.  I had vegetable soup, nuts and a banana for lunch.  I was doing so well!  This was easy!

Then I had a Mento.  And it was all over.

I hadn't even lasted a day!  Not even 12 hours!

One small Mento and all my self-righteousness went down the drain, where it belongs.

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