Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greatest Day of my Life!

This is the greatest day of my life!  I bought a plastic table cover for $8.00.  And it will be sooo worth it.

This was my life before:

1) launder tablecloth
2) beg children to please, please, don't spill anything on it for at least 30 minutes so we could have one meal with a clean tablecloth
3) barely smooth it over table before it is covered with chocolate pudding, spaghetti sauce, or covered in spilled milk
4) sigh
5) bravely remove tablecloth
6) add (while trying not to look at it) to large, unwieldy pile of laundry
7) return to #1

This is my life now:

1) launder tablecloth
2) cover it with the plastic cover
3) watch without any stress whatsoever as it is covered with food and drinks
4) make the kids wipe it off
5) smile

And the best part is that the plastic cover is just so classy!

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