Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rant - Looking for 'Nut-Free' Symbol Not Always Enough

My son has a tree nut allergy.  Usually, people just look for the 'nut-free' symbol and assume the chocolate is completely nut-free.  And often the 'no peanut' symbol is used to mean both peanut AND tree-nut free.  This year I've noticed that it sometimes just means 'peanut free', and there are actually tree nuts in the product. Unfortunately, you always need to read the label.

See how similar the two symbols look?  But the first one has tree nuts in it, while the second one is both peanut and tree-nut free.  I think it's misleading to use the same symbol to mean different things.  I think the manufacturers should come up with symbols that clearly show which is which.  A few times now, I've had people think something is safe for my son when it actually isn't.  And it would be great if manufacturers could be consistent with the labelling, too.

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