Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trip to Cape Breton

Good stuff about camping:

Jiffy Pop (unless you leave the cardboard top on by accident and set the whole thing on fire - although I have to say it was the most exciting popcorn I've ever made)

Smores (who am I kidding - all the kids wanted to eat was the chocolate and marshmellow - hey, is there such a thing as a chocolate marshmellow?  If not someone should invent it!)

Hot chocolate

Fresh air

Being right in outdoors (and we were sun burnt and bug-bitten to prove it, but we were LIVING it!)

Smell of campfire

Snuggling in sleeping bags on cold nights in the tent

I would highly recommend a trip to Cape Breton.  It's unbelievably beautiful.

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Gillian said...

you can get chocolate marshmallows in the states jen. they are delish. love cape breton although we tend to drive it in reverse order so as to be on the "inside lane" of the road.