Saturday, October 8, 2011

You've Got to Watch Those Dragons!

My oldest son was telling my middle son a story, the kind I used to read where you could make decisions about what would happen next, and turn to the corresponding page.  Except Colin was making the whole story up on his own.  He was saying, "You are walking your dog and it turns into a dragon.  What...Do...You...Do?"

My middle son, who was taking the whole thing very seriously, didn't blink an eye or miss a beat.  He spoke quickly and forcefully.  "I punch it in the privates."

This was an acceptable answer so my other son continued with his story.

I was laughing very, very hard.

I asked my daughter the same question, and she replied, "When it's a baby dragon we can hold it and rock it and sing 'rockabye baby'!"

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Gillian said...

love this post jen :)