Friday, December 30, 2011

Chocolate and Other Distractions

This time of year it's very hard to maintain weight loss/health.  I was doing so well in the lead-up to Christmas.  At my work, right at the beginning of December, it started.  There would be boxes of chocolates, shortbread cookies, candies, and so on left in the kitchen.  Every time I walked into the kitchen to get a coffee or tea, I would have to walk by these tempting treats.  I had to literally avoid looking at them and fix my eyes intently on the kettle, as if I was in a tunnel.  My will power only goes so far.  I'm pretty good if it's not around, but when it's right there it's much harder to refuse it. 

Instead of picturing the chocolate 'saying' such things as 'come and get me, I'm such a yummy, melt-in-your-mouth treat', I pictured it holding up a sign that says, 'do you want to gain 5 pounds?'  That worked well.  Obviously I have bigger problems since I'm picturing chocolate talking at all, but I think women everywhere will know what I mean.

Anyway, I managed to avoid the treats all the way up until Christmas.  At that point, with a tradition of Bailey's in my coffee Christmas morning, and other desserts, I said I would give myself one day of eating whatever I wanted.

One day stretched into three days, sadly. 

I even asked my husband not to buy me any chocolate/high calorie stocking stuffers.  And he didn't buy me much.  But the kids had tons of chocolate and candy, and it was lying around all over the house, and I ate more than I planned.

One good thing is that I have maintained my exercise.  I've been running and skipping and doing weights and other exercises.

But I'm going to have to up the ante.  Now I'm picturing the chocolate saying, 'do you want to gain 5 pounds, lose your fitness level and stop all your healthy momentum and feel guilty and mad at yourself in the process'?

That should help.  There's nothing like a good guilt trip to make you feel better and get you on track!  Oh, and right now I'm going for a run.

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