Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Did I Become Decrepit? Oh, And Happy New Year 2012!

It's a New Year.  After I woke up after the Eve party and apologized to my liver, I thought about the year 2012.

I don't really believe in making resolutions.  I'm not anti-resolution, or anything.  But it seems to me it should be a whole lifestyle thing, right?  Also, we can't make resolutions about being perfect because that is an impossible goal and therefore self-defeating and will set everyone up to be depressed anyway, which can't be good.

(That was cheerful!  Way to start off the year.)

I have realized, though, that there are a few things I am going to strive for.

To back up a little, we had a babysitter the other night.  She just turned twelve, and yet she has a Blackberry and a laptop.  I don't own either of these things.

It made me feel  old and decrepit.  And out of touch.  Did I mention 'technophobe'?  I think that about covers it.

Does it count that I did own a laptop (used) for about one week before my daughter vomited directly onto the keyboard from about two inches away and which never turned on again after that (can't really blame it)?  I don't think so.

Clearly I need to get into the 21rst century. 

I do have a cellphone, but it's the kind I have to crank it up to use (joking, but it's pretty old and extremely basic).

The point is, having the year change has made me feel older.  That's surprising, isn't it.  It's funny how that works.

Yesterday I was telling my oldest son (nine) that I was going to teach him how to cook, and he paused and considered it.  "Okay", he sighed finally, "I guess I have SOME free time to do that."

'Some' free time?  He's rolling in free time!  He has nothing BUT free time.  His WHOLE LIFE has been a joyride of complete and utter I-make-all-his-dinners-and-do-his-laundry-and-buy-everything-he-needs F.R.E.E. T.I.M.E!

Not to be melodramatic about it.

Maybe I need to get out more this year.  So I'm going to strive for some more quality moments out with family and friends; experiences instead of stuff, as they say.  I plan to enjoy good music, food and wine during even better moments.  I'll continue my focus on health and running; that goes without saying.

Oh, and I've got my eye on a Kobo.

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Gillian said...

amen jen. life really needs to be about more than "stuff". my 13 year old does not have a cell phone or lap top and seriously, she is probably the only person in grade 8 without either one of these things. just as you said, my ongoing discussion with her is, "i know people who work for a living who don't own a blackberry". she is learning to EARN the things she wants.
but since you are working for a living, let me tell you that a good cellphone is worth it's weight in gold. seriously. but that's about as far as i get. no laptop here. besides, i want to see what my kids are looking at on the computer so we have ours stationed right in our kitchen. not so pretty/classy from a decorator perspective but very helpful from a parenting perspective.
good luck on your personal journey this year--i've found a lot of joy in getting out of the "stuff" sludge pile and focussing on what really matters.