Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Have A Life...Don't I?

I just received an email from the Chapters irewards program saying they had some book recommendations picked personally for me. 

I was so excited!  To say I love books is like saying the Pope is Catholic - it goes without saying.  It's a fact.

I'm a voracious reader.  When I don't have anything to read, in desperation I will read the backs of cereal boxes and - when it's an extremely serious situation - I'll read the sports section.  When my husband sees this, he'll mutter, 'uh oh' and veer away from me because he knows I'm irritable because I don't have any reading material.

So I was excited by the email.  I thought happily about all the good recommendations about best sellers or award winning books I was about to discover.

I opened the email to find they had recommended three books.  Strangely enough, they were all pre-readers.  That's right, children's books.  All three.  Mercer Mayer, people.

And hey, I have nothing against Mercer Mayer.  I used to enjoy his books very much.  When I was three years old!

The books were chosen based on my recent purchases.

Do you suppose my life revolves around my children too much?  Hmmmm.  The last movie I saw was 'Puss in Boots'.

Clearly I need to get out more!  I need to buy adult books and watch adult movies.  I mean...grown up movies.  Movies that adults like.  You know what I mean!

Listen, irewards people.  I have a life!  I think.

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