Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is This The Stupidest Video Game that Ever Lived?

My sons love this game.  It's very complex.  You just click on the cookie.  That's it.  You get points for how many times you click it!  There is nothing else to it.  They say it's addictive.  I have obviously done something very, very wrong.  This is a completely mindless game.  Could it be the stupidest video game that ever lived?  Unless you look at it as an extremely challenging thumb exercise...  I'm going to go download Scrabble or Boggle. Right now.


Gillian said...

ah, Boggle....brings back some pretty good memories. we must have 4 versions here but I can't find a soul to play with me. and yes, that is a ridiculous game as is the one where you unroll the toilet paper....have your boys found that one yet?

Jennifer Dunlop Jormakka said...

No, they haven't! Please don't tell them about it....ever. :)