Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My seven year old son brought home a big book from the library.  He and his five year old brother were poring over it.  They were completely entranced by it.  I walked by his room, and saw both boys staring at the book, and thought happily, "It's so great that they are getting into reading so much!  They are both into it.  It's nice when they find a book that they both really like."  I was walking away when I heard one of my sons say, "Those are the biggest things I have EVER seen."  I paused.  Hmmmm.  I walked back into the room to check exactly what book my grade three son had brought home from the elementary school library.  It was a Guinness Book of World Records book.  In 3D.  The boys kept trading the 3D glasses and giggling.  And yes, what they were entranced by wasn't the words on the page.  It was the woman with the biggest breasts in the world!  So much for literacy!

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Michelle said...

yep... same here... boys are weird right from the beginning.