Friday, September 24, 2010

Feel the Burn!

I am in training for a 25K race.  I love just saying that...25K.  I started running a little over a year ago.  The first race I did was a 5K and I hadn't even trained for it, but running it inspired me to train to do better the next year.  I remember my friend saying that I would soon be wanting to do a 7K, and at the time I thought he was crazy!  I just wanted to be able to run an entire 5K without feeling desperate to stop and walk.  But I've become completely hooked.  I've seen such progress, which is very motivating.  Now I really want to run whenever I can, and I feel upset if I'm not able to run.  I love trail running.  I've always loved hiking on trails, but trail running is even better because you can go farther and see more trees and creeks.  I've seen so much wildlife since I started trail running.  After I felt good at the 5K (I took 12 minutes off my original time) my friend and I signed up for the 10K.  And that went so well that we felt we needed a real challenge, and signed up for the 25K.  The race is coming up and I've ran 25K twice, and 20K twice, plus lots of 10K and under runs.  I think we're ready!  It feels great to do something that I never would have believed I could have done only a year ago.  Can't wait to feel the burn!

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