Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Bad Mommy Moment

When I went to pick up my daughter at her child care centre today, I was informed by a staff member that my daughter's tights had a hole in the toe.

"So I went to her bag to get an extra pair of socks," the staff person continued, "and the extra pair of socks had a big hole in the heel!"

She fixed me with a look and concluded: "I had to put a pair of daycare socks on her!"

I had a bad mommy moment.

The worst part was that almost this exact same thing had happened a week earlier, except that the staff person couldn't find any extra socks in Ella's bag, so she told me to put some in just in case.  I had done that.  I mean, they were rolled up - I didn't know the extra socks I had put in had a hole in them!

And I didn't mention that her dad had dressed her those mornings.  We have about a pile of six different kinds of tights on the couch to choose from.  I need to have lots on hand, because Ella will only wear dresses at this point in her life (I'm not complaining - you go, girl!).

Immediately upon getting home, I ran up to Ella's closet and picked out two very nice pairs of socks, and I unrolled them to check for holes, and then I threw out the tights with the very small hole in the toe.  Whew!

I did this in between checking on the 5 kids in the house (because two of them were having play dates), putting away lunchboxes and sorting school information from the day, and making dinner.

Then I noticed that my son's pants, which had appeared completely intact that morning, now had two huge holes in each knee.

"What did you do?"  I asked my son in exasperation.  "Go at them with the scissors during your nutrition break to show solidarity with your sister?"

I told my husband the whole story when he arrived home.  He laughed, and then, as he walked away, I noticed that he had two big holes in the heels of his socks, and a hole in the back of his pants.  Who dressed him this morning, anyway?

Guess I need to go shopping!

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