Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

There are some mornings when you get up, and your nightie is on inside-out and backwards, and you could care less.  In fact, you will snap at anyone who dares to mention it.  In addition, deep down inside, you kind of want someone to mention it just so you CAN snarl at them.

These are the mornings that usually occur when you've been up several times in the night, and you wake up in a bed with four people and a cat in it because two children snuck in during the night, and you can't turn over because it's crowded, and your legs are asleep because the cat is a dead weight on top of them, and already you're looking forward to the next night before you've even had your day, just in case you actually get some rest.

Then there are mornings when you actually had a good sleep, and you wake up in a bed that only has you and your husband in it, and you woke up on your own without two children telling you they absolutely cannot go downstairs or face the day unless you personally accompany them.  These mornings your nightie is on right side out, and you take the time to stretch and to put on a robe, and you say, "Good Morning!" pleasantly to everyone.

Aaahhhh.  Those are the days.  And if there's coffee, they're just about perfect.

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