Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We All Need Food Ideas, Right?

What do you put in your children's lunches?

  • pasta and tomato sauce in a Thermos
  • macaroni and cheese (Thermos)
  • hot dogs (Thermos)
  • chicken noodle soup (Thermos)
  • sandwiches with bread, bagels or wraps - cheese, soy butter (nut-free), or leftover dinner meat such as ham or beef
  • hard-boiled egg with muffin or roll and some fruit

What about dinners that kids like?

  • homemade pizza on whole wheat dough (you can buy the dough at the grocery store)
  • steak, roasted potatoes and beans
  • ham, brown rice and corn
  • tacos or fajitas
  • whole wheat pasta with Parmesan and olive oil
  • lasagna
  • barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes
  • scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, toast and o.j.
  • salmon, brown rice, mushrooms
What do you do?


Gillian said...

neither of my kids will eat a sandwich so mostly it is "ploughman's lunch" type of meal. little bits of everything. one thing my kids really like is paris toast and cream cheese (that they spread on themselves)--you can get whole wheat/organic paris toast as well.

my kids love love love chicken enchiladas (low fat) and pizzas made on whole wheat pita (even easier than buying dough).

always good to gather a few more ideas for lunches/dinners---especially ones that can be made quickly!

Jennifer Dunlop Jormakka said...

What is 'paris toast', Gill?

Gillian said...

those little tiny "cracker-like" things that look like miniature pieces of toast. they are usually in the deli section near the fancy cheese. they are actually labelled Paris toast.

Tara Hamilton said...

I make extra pancakes/waffles on the weekend and freeze them for lunches during the week. I also give them dry cereal with a thermos of milk to mix with it. My kids like breakfast more than lunch.

Also dippy food, hummus, cream cheese, etc. with bread sticks.