Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I read today that Brad and Angelina have six nannies - one for each child!  That's amazing, isn't it?  I would settle for a 12 year old to give me two hours a week so I could fold some laundry!

Angelina is always going on and on about how 'hands on' she and Brad are.  I see pictures of them shepherding their children through airports and so on all on their own.  Maybe the nannies are hiding in the baggage claim carousel.  I think they're 'hands on' a photo op!

I also read that Mariah Carey has spent one million dollars on a couch for her nursery.  Does she know what her babies are going to do to that couch?  They're going to poop all over it.  Then there will be the pee and the vomit and the spit-ups.  And that's just in the first week. 

Wait until they start teething on it.  We actually have little tiny teeth marks in our wooden kitchen table from one of our kids.  Those regular plastic teething toys just don't cut it - give them a slab of wood any day!  Those splinters will give them character.

Ah, well.  Kids will humble even the most arrogant of celebrity parents.  Wait until one of Angelina's children swear at her for the first time. I can hear her now.

"Brad!  Get the Nanny!  No, not that one - Nanny #6!" 

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Tara Hamilton said...

A nanny for each child. That's why they can keep having children. I saw on a magazine cover recently that she wants another one. Although, to be fair, it was not that reliable of a magazine.