Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing: Memory

This morning I drove off to do the school run, leaving my daughter's purple and green Tinkerbell suitcase in the driveway.  I didn't even notice.  I wouldn't have noticed, either, except that after I had dropped the boys at school and I was driving Ella to her preschool, she asked for a drink and I tried to reach into the suitcase to get her water.  I finally realized I was patting empty air.  It's not like it's inconspicuous, either.  I mean, it's a Tinkerbell suitcase!

It may have been because both side doors of the van froze so I couldn't open either one.  I had to usher all three kids and their baggage through the driver's side door, yelling at them not to get too much snow on my seat, and not to knock over my coffee (which, I'll have you know, I remembered to put INTO the van instead of leaving it on the top and driving off - progress!).  I threw in my big briefcase for work as well.  I guess I missed one little bag.  Three out of four isn't so bad, right?  Although about a month ago I left my work briefcase in the parking lot and just drove off without it too.  I'm very professional, though, honestly.

I swear I didn't do these things before I had kids!  I had a mind.  And it was more or less intact.  And my memory was reliable!  Now my memory is completely shot.  What am I writing about, again?  I feel like my memory has decided to go on a little trip, because it's so overwhelmed with all the many details it has to remember.  It has put out a sign saying, 'back in five years, if things calm down a little around here'.

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