Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Year Old Rationality

Of course as a mother I think all my children are pretty great.  However, no one is perfect.  And we all know that children go through stages that can - how can I put this in a nice way - drive parents crazy. 

My daughter is three and a half.  She has started to get into some of the fun things that go with being three.  Like being completely unreasonable. 

One day she'll ask me to help her take off her coat, so I do.  The next day I will automatically unzip her coat, and she will totally freak out, because SHE wanted to unzip it.  And it's not enough to zip it back up for her; no.  That's not good enough.  The damage has been done.  You had the audacity to unzip her coat, darn it, and you are going to pay.

She is also in that stage where she thinks any kind of bump or bruise can only be healed with a band aid, even if there is no obvious blood.  Or even any mark at all.  We have princess band aids and Star Wars band aids.  We have all different shapes and colours of band aids.  What I want to know is if they come in 'overreaction'?

I think it sums it all up by her statement to me the other day.  She said she wanted princess pasta for lunch, so I was about to get it out of the cupboard.  Then she yelled, "No, Mama!  I want to do it ALL BY MYSELF!"  I stopped reaching for the pasta and waited. 

She looked up at the pasta, which she couldn't reach.  She paused and then said thoughtfully, "I want to do it ALL BY MYSELF, but first... I need your help."


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