Monday, February 28, 2011

That Doesn't Sound Like Caillou...

My three year old daughter likes the Caillou shows.  It's about a four year old boy who is kind of whiny.  His parents, of course, never yell or do anything wrong.  An episode came on, and my son said that we had already seen it.

"We haven't seen 'Caillou Throws A Bazooka' though,"  he yelled laughingly.  Hmmmmm.  Notice he doesn't know exactly what a bazooka is, since you wouldn't normally throw one, so I guess I'm hanging on to my 'somewhat okay parenting' status by a thin thread.  Still.  It's a bit dicey.   Let's move on.

I wonder if the network would go for that episode, anyway?  Sounds pretty child-friendly and educational to me.  Those are the best ones, right?

But why stop there?  Let's forget reality shows, which are completely fake and scripted anyway, and go for some TRUE reality.  How about 'Strawberry Shortcake Throws a Temper Tantrum'?

Or better yet, 'Dora Refuses to Share...Yet Again'.  And 'The Care Bears Stop Caring and Start Hitting'.  We could get really realistic and go for 'Caillou Makes Inappropriate Comments at the Dinner Table'. 

Oh wait, that's MY life - I don't need to see it on TV, too.  Although maybe Caillou's parents could give me a few tips...

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