Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

My three year old daughter is currently obsessed with baths and showers.  Every day she wants to have a bath.  Sometimes twice a day.  She loves it.  Sometimes I actually argue with her about it, saying, "Honey, you had a bath this morning!  You don't need another one already!"

"But Mama,"  she protests, "I LOVE BATHS!"

That's great.  And there's nothing cuter than her singing to herself and pouring water into different boats with her hair pulled up in a little bun on top of her head.

And then there's my boys.

We're currently in a life-and-death struggle over wearing clean socks. 

I put out clean socks and underwear every day for them.  But then I started finding clean socks under the couch and the coffee table.  What was going on?

One day my oldest son stuck his foot in my face and I almost lost consciousness.

"Your feet STINK!"  I yelled.

He leaned over and smelled them himself.  He got a bit wobbly and his eyes watered.  "Whew!  You're right, Mom."  he agreed pleasantly.

There was a long silence while we looked at each other.  He was looking at me blankly, I should add.

Finally I got tired of the impasse and suggested gently that he change into clean socks.

He looked at me with a mystified air.  "Why?"

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