Monday, March 21, 2011

Me! No, me!

My boys had been fighting and they were saying sorry.  I watched in disbelief as they began to argue over who was more sorry.

"I am more sorry than you!"  Colin announced.

"No!"  Ryan protested strongly.  "I'm WAY more sorry than you."

Colin shook his head vehemently.  "I TOLD YOU I was more sorry!"

"I am the absolutely MOSTEST SORRIEST!"  Ryan countered, not giving an inch.

Their voices started rising.

It soon disintegrated into the 'me', 'no, me!' kind of argument and then they started rolling around on the floor wrestling about it.  "I'm MORE sorry!"  Bam.  "NO, I'M more sorry!"  Whack.

It was a beautiful moment between brothers.  It was enough to bring tears to my eyes, honestly. 

I just watched them with my mouth wide open.  This has got to be a new low, isn't it? 

Or maybe that was when my oldest invented an 'Atomic Wedgie Machine'...

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