Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Kitty Is My Worstest Enemy

My son had cut his finger, and we were all out of Star Wars band aids.  "I NEED A BAND AID!"  he yelled frantically.

"Okay, that's fine.  The only kind we have left are 'Hello Kitty' ones."  I replied.

My son gasped in horror.  "Hello Kitty!  I can't wear that.  Hello Kitty is my worstest enemy!"

I can see that.  As my husband said, that cute little kitty with the tiny red bow - she's pretty vicious.  You don't want to cross THAT kitty.  She'll best you every time.  It's always the small ones you have to watch.

I decided to try the sympathetic, compassionate approach.

"You will wear the Hello Kitty band aid and you will LIKE it."  I announced.

My son took a deep breath, sighed and held out his finger in resignation.

As I put on the band aid, I whispered, "Hello Kitty's going to get you!"

(I said it in a mature way, of course.)

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